About Coldwater

Dear student,

Thanks for checking out our webpage! 

At Coldwater we want to personally extend to you our invitation to join us at Mink Lake Wilderness Camp for a summer experience you will remember for a lifetime!  You will have significant opportunities to lead and gain direct experience strengthening your abilities as a leader and team contributor.  Nothing in life replaces direct experience which will be your greatest advantage and produce valuable learning.

As a participant in a Coldwater outdoor program, we endeavor to give you this highest opportunity…to be involved.  As a leader, you will make choices that impact your peers and work with them to overcome the obstacles before you.  You will weigh-in on the groups direction and on how to travel.  You will have the opportunity to reflect on your gifts and talents as a leader and on the importance of the Christian faith in light of your present circumstances.

Whether you are coming to us as a graduate of an outdoor leadership program or as a high school student looking for an introduction to the wilderness classroom, we will be thrilled to have you in our programs and look forward to getting to know you!

Please consider us as an option for your next step in leadership.

Sincerely yours,
Kevin & Jen Sutton

Our Staff

Our Mission and Vision

We serve people with outdoor experiences that promote life change and maturity. Coldwater Foundation is a faith and leadership development organization committed to the practice of experiential discipleship. We are committed to building a culture of young people equipped, empowered, and inspired to live a gospel-centered life serving God and serving others.

Our Approach

People learn through experience. Responsibility is the great developer of people! Our goal is to help each student to engage in learning that is as close as possible to their personal experiences: These include group problem solving, being the group leader for a day, interpersonal experiences with other members of an expedition, or facing technical challenges such as scouting a set of rapids, map/compass navigation and preparation of meals.  Experiences broaden the landscape for student learning and at Coldwater there are lots of them!

Our Instructors

Over and over we have been told how our leaders have made an impact on a person because they cared, or listened or gently challenged a decision, encouraged or expected initiative. The young men and women who we equip to be leaders are guides for life. They are often the best part of a Coldwater experience. They too are on a life journey, and they want their part to count and so they are eager to serve you on yours.
We are really looking forward to introducing you to them!

Mink Lake Wilderness Camp // Our Base Camp

Mink Lake is our home place and our center for outdoor leadership. Located in the heart of the Superior National Forest and strategically situated nearby several entry points for the unparalleled Boundary Waters Wilderness and Canoe Area. Even in our back yard are tremendous opportunities for mountain biking, backpacking and cross-country skiing.    



Mink Lake is a simple and beautiful camp with a long, rich history of inviting people to enjoy the solitude and power of wilderness.  Many life-changing retreats have happened here but the heart of Mink Lake is as a base camp for a wilderness adventure.  Mink’s historic lodge, heated log cabins, camp sauna and high ropes course are the perfect base camp for a wilderness tripping ministry and a great place to come back to.   

Who We’ve Served

Coldwater Foundation is proud to have several partnerships with across regions and borders.