Many people become aware that their education or their work have not given them the perspective and confidence they need to move through the challenges they are facing.

Coldwater will help you to connect experiences in the wilderness classroom with the realities of navigating life in the world.

College & Adult Programs

“WLE was honestly the hardest thing I have ever done….it was also one of the most rewarding and refreshing experiences I have ever had.”

–Hannah Lindsey 2018

Wilderness Leadership Expedition (WLE) //
Our Cornerstone Wilderness Course

$2100 | Ages 19-26

WLE is designed for people who want to explore leadership, community, spiritual formation and service to others through the challenges and risks of the wilderness classroom. During WLE you will travel through rugged and beautiful course areas. Spiritual formation, backcountry skill development and daily opportunities to lead are core to this program. Within a community of peers, you will spend time thinking about God’s restorative mission in the world, your personal direction, and incarnational community living. WLE will let you explore using your gifts, education, passions, and career choices to make a Kingdom impact. Come join us on this wilderness adventure!

21-day | May 15-June 5 


 $500 | Ages 18-21 

Want to see what this is all about, but unsure about a two-week expedition? Discover is the trip for you! Come, experience life in the wilderness, connect with new friends and have intentional conversations about personal interests, direction and habits in life. On Discover, you will learn to translate your experiences in the wilderness and apply lessons learned to your life back home.

5-day | [Postponed to 2024]


$1200 | Women | Ages 18-21

Journey is a wilderness expedition for young women that focuses on growth in leadership and Christian faith. On Journey, you will encounter problems to solve and experiences that stretch your physical, mental, and spiritual comfort zones. You’ll be well supported by your Coldwater instructors and have new friends sharing every adventure. As a young leader, you will accept responsibility, practice leadership and explore how this learning matters for your future.

14-day | July 19-Aug 2

Women’s Trip

$500 | Ages 21+

Come. Take a break from it all. Be refreshed. In a small group of no more than nine women, we will spend time together, eat great food and travel through stunning creation. For five precious days, we’ll be untouched by schedules, careers and responsibilities. We’ll move and be still, listen and be heard. Together we will get away from the pressures of our culture and embrace the seemingly upside-down value system of Christ. 

 This is a multigenerational trip for normal women of all physical fitness levels. On this trip, we will embrace a slow pace and celebrate personal strengths of all kinds. No fancy gear or previous experience needed.

5-day | August 21-26

Men’s Trip

$500 | Ages 21+

For men who feel stuck, need a jumpstart or just feel they need a good adventure, this is an invitation to come into the wilderness and gain perspective on where your life is heading. 

This trip will make a difference. Spend time off grid, reflecting on your life and traveling together with other men into a rugged wilderness. You’ll see your core values in a fresh way, remember your dreams, and discover again what you were built for. Together we’ll look at the economy of Christ and who He says we can be. We have something great planned for you this summer!

5-day | August 31-Sept 5

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)
Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA)

Ages 18+

The Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course provides comprehensive instruction in backcountry medicine. Our WFR course, offered on-site at Mink Lake Wilderness Camp, is facilitated by Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities (SOLO), an outdoor leadership and backcountry medicine training school. Students will gain extensive, hands-on instruction from certified SOLO educators on topics such as Response and Assessment, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Environmental Emergencies and Survival Skills, Soft Tissue Injuries, and Medical Emergencies. This course includes both a comprehensive written exam and comprehensive practical skill assessment. WFR certifications are valid for three years.

Also available is a four-day Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA) course. AWFA certifications are valid for 2 years. For current SOLO-certified WFRs, this AWFA course can act as a recertification of your WFR.

WFR | June 9 – 19  | Tuition: $675

AWFA | June 3 – 6 | Tuition: $340

Additional cost for Room and Board: $24/day for meals, $10/day for a bunk in a shared cabin.

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