Custom Experiences

Men’s & Women’s Retreats


Coldwater has been leading men’s and women’s experiences both in the Boundary Waters & at Mink Lake Wilderness Camp for over 10 years. Mink Lake Wilderness Camp is especially equipped to serve your adult group with experiences that will be a welcome change of pace to everyday life. Experiences like these renew and restore us.

Adult experiences offer three important opportunities:

1) We unplug. One of the greatest gifts you receive from an experience like this is

simply to get off the grid for a few days and to have basic quiet and solitude.

2) We enjoy. There is something deep inside us that loves to be outside in God’s

creation. You will absolutely LOVE the peace and beauty of the outdoors!

We will also enjoy the company of each other. You will forge some new friendships

and enjoy old ones.

3) We connect. One of our chief goals on a trip like this is to connect with God in a

meaningful way. It may be as you paddle, watch a sunset, laugh around a fire, or

spend time in intentional prayer. Regardless of how, we expect that you will have

time to see, smell, taste and touch the goodness of God all around you.

While these are important broad themes, all of our programs are adaptive. We would enjoy working with you to build an experience that directly serves your group. Whether this means adapting the schedule, trip goals, curriculum or physical medium of the trip, we are eager to facilitate an experience uniquely suited to your needs!

Please contact us for further conversation about how a Coldwater experience will impact your group!