As parents we hope our kids will have a childhood filled with adventure and mentors who will guide them, but face a real struggle just to get them out of their cell phones.  

COLDWATER leads a variety of wilderness courses for every age where young people can have the adventure of a lifetime and connect with outstanding mentors while preparing to navigate the future.

40/40: A Spiritual Formation Practicum

[College/ Young Adult]

Over the course of 40 days, this small group of young adults will form a close-knit community and experience the space and structure needed for personal growth in relationship with Christ. Together with Coldwater leaders, away from distractions and habits of everyday life, this group will pursue God’s presence and guidance in their lives and wrestle with questions of identity, purpose and direction. Participants will be introduced to and practice spiritual disciplines such as solitude, worship, prayer, reflection, service, study, rest, forgiveness and celebration, as they learn to seek God’s voice in their lives.

Men’s & Women’s Retreats


Coldwater has been leading men’s and women’s experiences both in the Boundary Waters & Mink Lake Wilderness Camp for for nearly 10 years. Mink Lake Wilderness Camp is especially equipped to serve your adult group with experiences that will be a welcome change of pace to everyday life. Experiences like these renew and restore us.

Adult experiences offer three important opportunities:

1) We unplug. One of the greatest gifts you receive from an experience like this is simply to get off the grid for a few days and to have basic quiet and solitude.

2) We enjoy. There is something deep inside us that loves to be outside in God’s creation. You will absolutely LOVE the peace and beauty of the outdoors! We will also enjoy the company of each other. You will forge some new friendships and enjoy old ones.

3) We connect. One of our chief goals on a trip like this is to connect with God in a meaningful way. It may be as you paddle, watch a sunset, laugh around a fire, or spend time in intentional prayer. Regardless of how, we expect that you will have time to see, smell, taste and touch the goodness of God all around you.

While these are important broad themes, all of our programs are adaptive. We would enjoy working with you to build an experience that directly serves your group. Whether this means adapting the schedule, trip goals, curriculum or physical medium of the trip, we are eager to facilitate an experience uniquely suited to your needs!

Please contact us for further conversation about how a Coldwater experience will impact your group!

BWCA Paddle Trip // A Wilderness Sabbath

[College/ Young Adult]

This is a wilderness trip for college students and young adults seeking rest and a change of pace following the hectic schedule and chaos of the academic year. This soul-cleansing experience will provide an opportunity for spiritual renewal, reflection, and fellowship with others. Paddle in pristine lakes of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Journal and reflect under the iconic white pines and along rocky shores. Come and join us in this true wilderness experience.


[College Students/Recent Graduates]

SNOWCAMP is a four-day winter leadership retreat located at beautiful Mink Lake Wilderness Camp, home of Coldwater Foundation. This retreat is a fun introduction to all things winter – winter snow sports, winter trekking, and winter camping. Our time will be balanced between intentional conversations, devotionals, and times of worship spent inside along with daily activities, snowshoeing, broomball, shelter building and even a full night spent outside!


$1200 | Ages 15-17

Compass invites students to explore a deeper commitment to faith and community, and to challenge themselves with the risks and choices involved in remote backcountry travel. On this true wilderness experience, students will paddle pristine lakes, navigate wilderness waterways, lead with a map and compass, and build solid sleeping shelters. Conversations around a campfire, opportunities to share stories, and time to keep a journal will help students reflect and grow from their experiences.

Compass I |
July 19-Aug 2 | 14-day

Compass II | July 5-Aug 15 | 10-day

Compass I | July 19-Aug 2 | 14-day
Compass II | July 5-Aug 15 | 10-day


[Ages 15-17]

Want to see what this is all about, but unsure about a two-week expedition? Discover is the trip for you! Come, experience life in the wilderness, connect with new friends and have intentional conversations about personal interests, direction and habits in life. On Discover, you will learn to translate your experiences in the wilderness and apply lessons learned to your life back home.

Discover | July 26-Aug 4 (9-day) | $625 | [FULL]

Discover | July 26-Aug 4 (9-day) | $625 | [FULL]


[Ages 16-18]

Journey is a wilderness expedition for high school students that focuses on growth in leadership and Christian faith. On Journey, you will encounter problems to solve and experiences that stretch your physical, mental, and spiritual comfort zones. You’ll be well supported by your Coldwater instructors and have new friends sharing every adventure. As a young leader, you will accept responsibility, practice leadership and explore how this learning matters for your future.

Journey | June 24-July 8 (14-day) | $895 | [FULL]


[Ages 16-18]

Service Team is a 5 week high school program based out of Mink Lake that gives young leaders a creative outlet which requires teamwork, problem solving, and real effort. Projects may look like: hand-hewn wood tables, steps shaped in stone, or hosting a visiting group of guests. Either way, you will serve alongside your team, grow together and experience an authentic community shaped by God’s love and grace for us. The Service Team is an adventure and includes a two-week expedition through the wilderness. But the real power in the service team program is a sense of belonging and community that participants experience when they come together, not only to complete a physical goal, but to be inspired by the life of Christ.

Young men:
Service Team | (5-week) | $1500 (rescheduled to summer 2023)

Young women:
Service Team | July 1-August 4 (5-week) | $1500

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