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Youth Programs

Most parents hope their kids will have a childhood filled with adventure but face a real struggle just to get them out of their smart phone. 

Coldwater leads a variety of wilderness courses for every age where young leaderscan have the adventure of a lifetime while preparing to navigate the future.

College & Adult Programs

Many new leaders are concerned that their education hasn’t prepared them for the concrete challenges of the real world. 

Coldwater offers wilderness courses that will renew your perspective and teach you to lead with strength and confidence.

A wilderness trip with your family can be so much more than a great vacation. Solid time together without the distractions of a busy technological world creates opportunity for quality conversations and special moments. Experience God’s jaw-dropping creation and let Christ draw your family closer together and closer to himself. When traveling in the wilderness, you will become a team, see each other overcome challenges and make positive memories that last a lifetime.

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