Wilderness Leader Internship

Most college students having an interest in leadership—future teachers, business leaders, youth leadership, non-profit leadership, social workers and coaches—really want to make a difference when they work with people BUT feel they lack experience leading and worry their leadership won’t be authentic.

Coldwater Foundation offers paid internships for future leaders that gives significant opportunity to lead and to discover their own personal style and approach as a leader.

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Wilderness Leader Intern (WLI)

[College Students/Recent Graduates]

Wilderness Leader Internship is a summer immersion program for college aged leaders, focused on developing ministry capabilities as a Christian educator, mentor, and wilderness instructor.  As a Wilderness Leader Intern, you will discover and experience first-hand what it is to teach and lead in the wilderness classroom!

Interns will join our leadership team and be equipped to bring about lasting change in wilderness course participants. Students are not chosen on a “first come, first served” basis, but are selected through an application process.  Selected students will have all course fees covered (with exception of Wilderness First Responder Certification) and will receive a $1500 stipend following their field experiences. There are 6 funded Intern positions.   

Date: May 13-August 3
Location: Mink Lake Wilderness Camp
Compensation: $1500 + Room & Board