As parents we hope our kids will have a childhood filled with adventure and mentors who will guide them, but face a real struggle just to get them out of their cell phones.  

COLDWATER leads a variety of wilderness courses for every age where young people can have the adventure of a lifetime and connect with outstanding mentors while preparing to navigate the future.

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Youth Programs

Boys & Girls Adventure

[9-10 Years Old]

The perfect age to introduce a young person to the idea of wilderness adventure. A student’s enthusiasm and curiosity meet with the incredible beauty of the lakes and the forest. In this course students stay in log cabins at Mink Lake but complete a day trip into the boundary waters after practicing and preparing at home base. This 3-day experience is super fun and a great opportunity for students to get to know their leaders and have an adventure together.

Dates: July 20-23
Cost: $175


[10-12 Years Old]

This course includes 3 days in the Boundary Waters or Superior National Forest. Whether backpacking or learning to paddle this is an opportunity for fun and adventure in God’s amazing Creation. Students learn basic backcountry skills and get to practice them in order to help their group. Students also get to know their leaders who lead with patience and encouragement.

Boys Trips:
Date: June 20-25 (5-day) | Cost: $385 [FULL]
Date: July 12-16 (4-day) | Cost: $350 [FULL]

Girls Trips:
Date: June 20-25 (5-day) | Cost: $385 [FULL]
Date: July 12-16 (4-day) | Cost: $350


[12-14 Years Old]

/kairn/ noun; a mound of rough stones built as a landmark, typically on a hilltop or skyline, to show the way to a dependable path.

CAIRN is a fun-filled introductory wilderness trip for middle school students looking for a taste of wilderness adventure and backcountry exploration.

Knowing how to recognize a dependable path and having the courage to travel it is one of the biggest challenges for young believers. On CAIRN, you and your friends will be introduced to a number of adventurous outdoor experiences. You get to experience the strength of working together as a team and the importance of offering what you can to solve a problem. The Superior National Forest and the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe Area are ‘must see’ national treasures. Hike beautiful trails, paddle pristine lakes and at night sit around a campfire to share stories about your day. Experience it first hand on CAIRN!

Date: June 20-25 (5-day) | Cost: $385 [FULL]
Date: July 19-23 (4-day) | Cost: $350 [FULL]

Girls CAIRN:
Date: June 20-25 (5-day) | Cost: $385
Date: July 19-23 (4-day) | Cost: $350


[High School/Ages 14-16]

Compass is a wilderness experience with a strong emphasis on leadership development and spiritual formation. Students ages 14 to 16 will be invited to explore a deeper commitment to faith and community, and to challenge themselves with the risks and choices involved in remote backcountry travel. Compass takes you into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and is a true wilderness experience. Students will paddle through pristine lakes, navigate wilderness waterways, lead with a map and compass, and build a solid sleeping shelter. Conversations around a campfire, opportunities to share stories, and time to keep a journal will help students reflect and make meaning of their experiences. Students will learn to translate their experiences on Compass, and apply lessons learned in the wilderness to their lives back home.

: June 28-July 9

Trip Fee: $775

: June 28-July 9

Trip Fee: $775


[High School/Ages 15-17]

This is an introductory experience for older students who want to have a solid experience in the wilderness with the opportunity for connection with new friends. This course will have great conversations about our interests and habits in life and offer plenty of opportunity to lead. Come and experience first-hand the pristine beauty of Boundary Waters Wilderness!

Dates: July 31 – August 6
Trip Fee: $460


[High School/Ages 16-18]

Journey is a wilderness expedition that focuses on growth in leadership and Christian faith. On Journey, you will encounter problems to solve and experiences that stretch your comfort zones. But you won’t be alone. You’ll be well supported by your Coldwater Instructors and have new friends sharing every adventure. As a young leader, you will practice leadership, grow in responsibility to your team and develop new friendships.

Dates: June 28-July 9
Trip Fee: $775

Dates: June 28-July 9
Trip Fee: $775

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