Sea Change: Sail to Isle Royale


We are excited to partner with Sea Change Expeditions this summer to offer a special topics course on Christian ecological ethic. Christians are called to care for God’s creation, but what does that mean for you and me? What kind of people are we called to be? How should that affect our actions? Where do our motives come from? This 10-day experience is led by Sea Change Expeditions directors, Mark and Katya Gordon and Coldwater Instructor Abigail Sutton. Five highschool students will complete a 200 mile circumnavigation of Isle Royale, the largest island archipelago in the largest lake in the world…right in our very own backyard!

From Lake Superior waters and coastline, students will participate in:

·      Scripture reading

·      Book study

·      Guided self-reflection

·      Small group discussion

·      Chores particular to living aboard a sailboat

·      Sailing instruction

·      Rare plant studies

·      Water clarity and temperature data collection

·      Plastic clean-up and evaluation of microplastics in the lake.

·      Expedition life aboard a 40-foot sailboat

·      Daily opportunities to hike, kayak or swim