Our Mission and Vision

We serve people with outdoor experiences that promote life change and maturity. Coldwater Foundation is a faith and leadership development organization committed to the practice of experiential discipleship. We are committed to building a culture of young people equipped, empowered, and inspired to live a gospel-centered life serving God and serving others.

Our Approach

People learn through experience. Responsibility is the great developer of people! Our goal is to help each student to engage in learning that is as close as possible to their personal experiences: These include group problem solving, being the group leader for a day, interpersonal experiences with other members of an expedition, or facing technical challenges such as scouting a set of rapids, map/compass navigation and preparation of meals.  Experiences broaden the landscape for student learning and at Coldwater there are lots of them!

Our Instructors

Over and over we hear stories of how our leaders have left a positive impact on someone’s life by showing genuine care, actively listening, challenging, or encouraging them to take initiative. This kind of leadership makes a difference. At Coldwater, the young men and women we train to be leaders are the most valuable part of the experience we offer. They are eager to make a positive impact in the world and to help you along in your faith, character, and life.
We are excited to introduce you to them!

Mink Lake Wilderness Camp // Our Base Camp

Mink Lake is our home place and our center for outdoor leadership. Located in the heart of the Superior National Forest and strategically situated nearby several entry points for the unparalleled Boundary Waters Wilderness and Canoe Area. Even in our back yard are tremendous opportunities for mountain biking, backpacking and cross-country skiing.    



Mink Lake is a simple and beautiful camp with a long, rich history of inviting people to enjoy the solitude and power of wilderness.  Many life-changing retreats have happened here but the heart of Mink Lake is as a base camp for a wilderness adventure.  Mink’s historic lodge, heated log cabins, camp sauna and high ropes course are the perfect base camp for a wilderness tripping ministry and a great place to come back to.   

Who We’ve Served

Coldwater Foundation is proud to have several partnerships with across regions and borders.